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You’re sitting in a private helicopter with Michael [Fassbender], flying into São Paulo. Patrick Stewart’s in the back pretending to control it with his mind. What’s not to like?

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favorite movies list » X-Men: First Class (2011, Action| Adventure | Sci-Fi)

Mutation. It is the key to our evolution. It is how we have evolved from a single-cell organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few millennia evolution leaps forward.
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X-Men Season One: Jean meets Scott

That’s Summers. Scott Summers. He’s kind of always like that.

My friend phones me up and goes like, “Hey, I hear you’re going to be playing Patrick Stewart!” He didn’t say Charles Xavier, he didn’t say Professor X, he said I hear you’re going to be playing Patrick Stewart.

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"#i wish we could have seen her [Rogue] scenes in dofp" not sure if you're aware of this buuut DoFP Director's Cut is gonna be released next year with the Rogue scenes included (screenrant[.]com/x-men-days-of-future-past-re-release-rogue-scenes/). I can only assume their holding back of this release is a) due to Singer's... erm, legal issues b) post-production effects needed completed c) cash grab. Or some mix of all three. Either way, good news/bad news kind of thing.

Aww cool, I didn’t know that, thanks! (link) I heard that they cut a lot of scenes, but I thought we wouldn’t see them because they weren’t on the blu ray. I would love to see a DoFP director’s cut, and I guess I can wait a few months. I imagine you’re probably right about it being a cash grab, but meh, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, yknow?

omg I really hope they put in this scene of Magneto and Blink because I so want to see those two interact.

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dar·ling and lieb·ling - two words, one meaning


                            I’ll take care of you.

                                                                       I promise.

Make me choose: ghostcharles asked: xmfc charles or xmdofp charles

Next thing you know, I’ll be going bald.

George, f, shameless Magneto apologist.
Reading: Magneto, Uncanny X-Men, All-New X-Men, and all of the Avengers & X-Men: Axis event.
 + catching up on Cyclops and X-Men v4